I Can Show You How to Lose 7% of Your Body Weight in 3 Months, Reverse Prediabetes and Get Your Fun Back! 

Without hours in the kitchen or the gym, without sacrifing family life, and without diets, deprivation, or despair! 

From the desk of April Saunders
Toronto, Canada 

Before I take you any further, watch this video from my client, Randall. He'd tried all of the fad diets when he first came to me, but now he's lost 50lbs, and he's kept it off... 

I Know Why You're Here.

Right Now, You're Dealing With These Heavy Issues (Absolutely No Pun Intended)...

Being told you have prediabetes has knocked you sideways. Deep down you've known for a while that you should be looking after yourself a little bit better, but you never expected it to come to THIS.

You're confused, you're overwhelmed, and you're maybe even feeling a little bit guilty.

You should have done something sooner, you know, but this is the situation you're faced with right now, and you know that something has to change. (Side note here? This is totally NOT 'your fault'!) 

After all, you want to be around for your family as long as you can, and you want to live a healthy and fulfilled life. 

You can't just sit back and do NOTHING, but the options that you think you have feel like your worst nightmare. 

You've done all the fad diets before. You've ditched carbs, you've gone high-protein, you've gone to bed feeling miserable and hungry and deprived. 

You've got zero desire to live on lettuce leaves, or spend all your waking hours in the kitchen or the gym, and you want to be able to sit down with your family after a long day and enjoy a hearty and satisfying meal (and you definitely don't have the time or the inclination to cook two different dinners every night!) 

You don't want to be screamed at in the gym 5 times a week by a personal trainer with an attitude problem. 

You know that you need to lose some weight, and that it's the only way to change your story and give yourself the peace of mind that you desire, and the reasons are even more important than ever. 

You're not really interested in turning heads on the beach this summer. 

This is more important than vanity. 

You just want to be healthy, and happy, and live a normal life.

And you need to find a solution FAST, because you know that this isn't a problem that's just going to go away if you ignore it... 

The Good News Is That I Can Help You... 

I've set aside some time to speak with you in the next few days.

On that call, I will show you how we can work together so you can escape your pre-diabetes diagnosis, and lose 7% of your body weight in 3 months. 

Without diets. 

Without deprivation. 

And without hours slaving over a hot stove, or driving yourself into the ground in a sweaty gym. 

This is about preventing diabetes naturally. It's about positive lifestyle changes that you can maintain. It's about achieving results via strategies that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

I'm known as the Love Carb Coach because I show that it's completely possible to eat the foods that you love, and when we work together, you WILL lose weight without unmanageable restrictions, and you WILL keep it off! 

I'm also a registered dietician, so you know that my methods are based on facts and science, as well as years of experience in working with people just like you. 

But as you can imagine, a lot of people will see this invitation, and there will be a massive response. There is only one of me, and there is a limit to how many people I can help. 

So read this next part very carefully... 


Because I want this call to be most beneficial for you and me, here are my strict (but completely reasonable!) set of criteria that you must meet in order for us to be able to move forward. These are: 

1. You must be looking to create real, and sustainable lifestyle changes to reverse your prediabetes diagnosis.

If you accept that this is really what you need right now, then let's talk.

But I absolutely do NOT promote fad diets, restrictions, or short-term methods. So if that's what you're searching for? Then I can't help you. 

2. You must be serious about the results you desire, and be ready and willing to follow my advice and guidance. 

I do not have a magic wand, and I can't guarantee that your journey will always be a walk in the park. It's very important to me that my clients get the best possible results, so if you're not ready to make changes, with my help every step of the way, then this is not for you. 

If you tick both of these boxes, then we're good to go! 

This is what you need to do next... 

If you would like to talk to me about escaping your pre-diabetic diagnosis and losing 7% of your body weight in the next three months with sustainable lifestyle changes, then I am happy to set aside some time in my schedule for you. 

Simply click the button below and choose a time that works best. It's quick and easy! I just need you to answer a few questions in advance, so I know exactly what you're facing right now. 

Your call with me will last 45-60 minutes, and you will leave knowing exactly what you need to do next to create the changes that you desire.